Review: Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle

The Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle by Paddletek merges powerful performance with precision control, making it a favourite among competitive and recreational players alike. Renowned for its consistent play and comfortable feel, the Bantam EX-L sets the standard for quality and reliability in the world of pickleball paddles.

Specifications: Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle

  • Material: Polymer Composite
  • Weight: 7.7 – 8.4 ounces
  • Grip Size: 4.25 inches
  • Handle Length: 5 inches
  • Paddle Length: 15.5 inches
  • Paddle Width: 7.75 inches
  • Core Thickness: 14mm (0.55″)
  • Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
  • Edge Guard: Full edge guard for enhanced durability
  • Color: Red Wildfire, Purple Aurora, Green Barium, Blue Riptide, Yellow Horizon

Pros and Cons

Our evaluation of the Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle highlights the following advantages and drawbacks:


  • Balanced Power and Control: Perfectly combines power and placement, offering versatility for all types of play.
  • Durable PolyCore: The Bantam PolyCore enhances power while maintaining control and consistency.
  • Comfortable Grip: The cushioned grip reduces hand fatigue, promoting comfort during extended sessions.
  • Wide Sweet Spot: The generous face size ensures a larger sweet spot, allowing for more forgiving hits.
  • Excellent Maneuverability: The weight distribution and handle length make this paddle highly maneuverable and responsive.


  • Moderate Weight Range: The mid-weight might not suit players who prefer either ultra-light or heavyweight paddles.
  • Edge Guard Wear: Some users have noted that the edge guard shows signs of wear over time.

Who is this Paddle Good For?

The Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle by Paddletek is ideally suited for intermediate and advanced players looking for a paddle that offers both power and precision. Its balanced performance makes it versatile enough to handle a variety of playing styles, making it especially appealing to competitors who need consistent results. Additionally, recreational players who desire a high-quality paddle that can aid in skill improvement will find the EX-L to be a valuable tool in their arsenal.

Final Thoughts

The Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle by Paddletek shines as a top-tier paddle that delivers balanced performance suitable for both competitive and casual play. Its impressive blend of power, control, and durability establishes it as a reliable choice for players at any level. While the moderate weight might not cater to all preferences, and edge guard wear is a consideration, the overall quality and performance of the Bantam EX-L make it a premier option for those serious about enhancing their game. For a dependable paddle that stands the test of time, the Bantam EX-L is well worth the investment.

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