Review: Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleballs

Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleballs

The Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball is crafted to meet the demands of players seeking a high-quality ball for indoor play. Known for its combination of durability, visibility, and consistent performance, the X-26 has become a favored choice among both casual players and competitive athletes. Whether you’re stepping into the court for practice or a serious match, this pickleball promises to enhance your indoor playing experience.

Specifications: Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball

  • Material: Proprietary blend of durable plastic
  • Diameter: 2.87 inches (standard size for indoor pickleball)
  • Weight: Approximately 26 grams
  • Colour: Available in easy-to-see colours such as bright orange and neon yellow
  • Construction: 26 precision-drilled holes to optimize airflow and reduce wind drag
  • Other Features: Engineered for a smooth and even surface, ensuring a consistent and true bounce

Pros and Cons

Our evaluation of the Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball:


  • Durability: Constructed from a robust plastic blend, the X-26 is designed to withstand rigorous indoor play and last longer than many competitors.
  • Visibility: Bright colour options improve visibility, making it easier to track during fast-paced games and in various indoor lighting conditions.
  • Consistency: The 26-hole design ensures a predictable flight pattern and stable bounce, providing a reliable playing experience.
  • Surface Quality: The smooth, even surface minimizes friction and irregular bounces, enhancing overall game quality.


  • Hardness: Some players might find the ball to be slightly harder than preferred, which can impact comfort during extended play sessions.
  • Initial Performance: A brief break-in period may be required before the ball reaches its optimum performance level, which could be a consideration for immediate competitive play.

Final Thoughts

The Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball excels in offering a durable, visible, and consistent option for indoor pickleball enthusiasts. While some players might find the ball a bit hard initially and may notice a brief break-in period, the overall quality and reliable performance make it an excellent choice. If you’re in search of an indoor pickleball that promises both short-term and long-term quality, the Franklin X-26 is certainly worth trying out.

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