Review Process

When it comes to reviewing paddles, we’re as meticulous as Sherlock Holmes on caffeine. Our process is comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned. We start by examining the paddle’s physical attributes: weight, grip size, and material. Is it as light as a feather or more reminiscent of Thor’s hammer? Does the grip feel like a satin glove or a prickly cactus?

We then delve into performance. We test each paddle in both indoor and outdoor conditions, running it through a gauntlet of drills to evaluate its power, control, and durability. Is it powerful enough to launch the ball like a rocket? Is it precise enough to land the ball on a dime? Can it withstand hours of intense pickleball action without showing wear and tear?

Lastly, we consider the price. Is the paddle worth its weight in gold or will it leave you feeling pickled? We strive to provide a balanced perspective, highlighting both the pros and cons of each paddle. This way, whether you’re a pickleball novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll have the information you need to pick your perfect paddle.


It is important to note that pickleball paddles are still in the developmental stage, with new technologies and advancements emerging almost monthly. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, manufacturers are constantly striving to improve paddle performance and cater to players’ evolving needs.

The reviews we provide are a reflection of the paddle’s performance at the time of our testing. As such, it is possible that a particular paddle may have undergone updates or improvements since our review was published. We recommend keeping an eye out for any new developments in pickleball paddles and staying informed before making a purchasing decision.